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A Complete Solution Designed by Healthcare Providers

Features That Change Results

What if you could grow your lung cancer screening program while making it more efficient and effective?

Automated Workflow

More time to spend on patient care

Features that matter

Our software utilizes natural language processing (NLP) technology to automate data abstraction and eliminate manual data entry, making the work of patient navigators vastly more efficient. By eliminating manual data abstraction, you have more time to spend on patient care.

Increased Screening Volumes

Identifies patients eligible for screening

Features that matter

Our software automatically identifies patients eligible for preventative or follow-up screenings, empowering you to significantly improve the number of people who are screened.

Powerful, Simple Dashboard

Easy-to-use interface with robust functionality

Features that matter

Robust business and quality analytics delivered seamlessly. Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, we are able to make sense of your unstructured data and present it to you in simple, actionable formats.

IT Maintenance Eliminated

Integrates seamlessly with your current system

Features that matter

Our software integrates seamlessly with your electronic medical records and PACS. No additional hardware or IT maintenance is required.

Quality Tracking and Reporting

Populates ACR fields and submits with one button push

Features that matter

Our software also automatically populates all of the ACR Registry submission fields and delivers to the ACR with one button push. Lung-RADS, tumor board, incidental findings and center of excellence quality measures tracking and reporting also provided.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Helps you diagnose lung cancer earlier

Features that matter

Lung cancer has drastically better outcomes when caught early. Our software finds high-risk patients who are falling through the cracks of our healthcare system, and targets them specifically for early lung cancer detection through lung CTs.

Program Growth

Automated Workflow

Streamline your workflow with our simple user interface and dashboard. Our software uses NLP logic that automatically advances your patients through steps of navigation, so you don’t have to spend time doing it manually.

Use automatic letter generation to communicate test results to patients and providers, notify patients of upcoming screening examinations, and even notify patients or providers that they meet eligibility requirements.

Automatically stay in touch with patients that failed to schedule their screening and send follow-up communications to prevent patients from falling through the cracks.

Quality Tracking

  • Automates data abstraction and quality reporting for registries.

  • Maintains compliance for increased quality and maximum reimbursement.

  • Automatically populates all of the ACR Registry submission fields.

  • Delivers submission fields to the ACR with one button push.

  • Provides Lung-RADS and other pathology identification and recommendation based on ACR criteria.

  • Customized tumor board and center of excellence quality measures dashboard extracted from surgical, imaging, clinical and pathology reports.

  • No need to change the physicians’ workflow.

  • Utilizes Natural Language Processing to abstract the pertinent data, so no additional software or forms needed.

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